Our Technology

Tradesoft Global Technology Platform (GTP) has been developed for building enterprise software solutions. GTP has a scalable, multi-layered and flexible architecture built on SOA principles that meet the requirements of multiple industries including banking, risk management, brokerage, portfolio management to insurance operations.  GTP’s reference architecture allows for scalable installations and easily integrates with other systems through services.  Moreover, the flexible reporting infrastructure, multi-language, multi-channel and multi-currency support enriches the platform.

Tradesoft professional services team includes experienced architects, developers, analysts and consultants, who provide requirements analysis and software development services to address specific business needs of clients.  Existing Tradesoft framework, platforms and spectrum of modules serve as a starting point for development projects and shorten time to market.  Tradesoft software lifecycle management is compatible with COBIT standards and ensures stable, technically and functionally tested delivery of software and financial solutions.

Tradesoft colloborates with financial institutions and IT companies in developing industry leading modules and solutions. GTP is used bycompanies in different geographies to create enterprise business solutions. Clients using Tradesoft financial platforms have the ability to develop unique modules or solutions on GTP by themselves or through collaboration with Tradesoft.