At Tradesoft, our priority is to foster an environment that supports employees in their development, learning and desire to move up in their careers.

Orientation Partner
Your Orientation Partner is responsible for assisting you to quickly integrate into the company environment and support for a smooth transition into your new job.

Performance Management
As part of our development and performance management planning every year, managers and employees set objectives aligned with company goals. Areas for development are determined after review of performance against objectives, and achievements with each person.

Talent Board
Upon completion of six months of employment and one performance evaluation, employees become eligible for recommendation to the Talent Board.  After an assessment, candidates are reviewed by a committee for acceptance to the talent development program. Curricula are created according to each employee’s development needs and objectives. Participants can select between a management or technical leadership track and develop their skills accordingly.

Learning and Development
Depending on professional and personal development needs of employees, Tradesoft offers e-learning, external training, certification programs, and – technology – training within the company.  Learning is the norm at Tradesoft.

Compensation and Benefits
We offer the following benefits to our employees.

  • Competitive salary
  • Annual bonus based on company, team and individual performance
  • Remote access and work from home
  • Individual Retirement Plan with company contribution
  • Flexible Benefits Plan
  • Assistance for transportation and lunch
  • “Motivational Team Activities” for performance rewards
  • Benefits for seniority