Capital Markets

Tradesoft enterprise software solutions power the capital markets industry.  Tradessoft team consists of professionals with hundreds of years of experience and background in management, operations, audit, trading and technology at capital markets institutions.

GTP Trading System

User friendly and high performance trading of multiple asset classes, while supporting higher trade volumes, led to the development of Tradesoft GTP Trading System.  GTP Trading System is an in-memory cache system optimized for serving order management, position and real time market data simultaneously.

Investment Management

Tradesoft enterprise software solutions power the capital markets industry.

Retail Banking

Tradesoft GTP suite contains best-of-breed modules for banks providing capital markets functionality to the growing retail banking market

Over 300 enterprise customers across Turkey and EMEA

We are a leading provider of innovative technology solutions and consulting services to over 300 enterprise clients within Turkey, China and EMEA. We invest in technologies and process engineering to create sustainable competitive solutions for our clients. Our passion for creating leading edge solutions and services for capital markets, where speed and agility are paramount, is key to our continued success.

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Reliable, High Performance, Full Capacity

Industry Sectors

Mutual Fund industry is major pillar of the capital markets industry and has been a pioneer in using innovative financial products across different geographies. Tradesoft Fund Administration is a flexible solution that includes NAV calculation for any instrument and related regulatory reporting. Range of investment instruments supported and comprehensive service offerings allow for quick decisions on use of new securities and products by clients.  Daha fazla bilgi için

Institutions rely on Tradesoft’s GTP Portfolio Management Solution (PMS) for highly effective portfolio management. GTP PMS is an intuitive investment management front-end for professionals in fund management, investment management, discretionary portfolio management and wealth management.  Offerings combining operations, ledger and trade blotters allow for profitable and efficient lifecycle management of investment management practice.  Daha fazla bilgi için

Insurance companies specializing Life and Annuity products require comprehensive tools to plan and execute asset compositions, while maintaining a clear view of the long term. Tradesoft GTP Portfolio Management Solution (PMS) provides monitoring and reporting functionality required for efficient allocation of funds with the right asset classes and instruments.  Tradesoft professional services teams collaborate with customers on ledger integrations and customized reports to provide a seamless platform for all operational activities ranging from trade capture to regulatory reporting with a broad view of risks and regulations. Daha fazla bilgi için

Securities industries are governed by legislative bodies within their respective geographies.  Tradesoft solutions’ flexible and customizable business flows, rules and reporting capabilities allow for compliance with regulatory frameworks and workflows.  Tradesoft consultants and subject matter experts track legislative and regulatory changes, and implement the required modifications as part of Tradesoft software maintenance offerings.  Tradesoft’s timely integration of small and large scale market and regulatory changes into its financial solutions ensures cients’ compliance. Daha fazla bilgi için


Global Technology Platform

Tradesoft Global Technology Platform (GTP) has been developed for building enterprise software solutions. GTP has a scalable, multi-layered and flexible architecture built on SOA principles that meet the requirements of multiple industries including banking, risk management, brokerage, portfolio management to insurance operations.  GTP’s reference architecture allows for scalable installations and easily integrates with other systems through services.  Moreover, the flexible reporting infrastructure, multi-language, multi-channel and multi-currency support enriches the platform.

Enterprise Solutions

Tradesoft professional services team includes experienced architects, developers, analysts and consultants, who provide requirements analysis and software development services to address specific business needs of clients.  Existing Tradesoft framework, platforms and spectrum of modules serve as a starting point for development projects and shorten time to market.  Tradesoft software lifecycle management is compatible with COBIT standards and ensures stable, technically and functionally tested delivery of software and financial solutions.

Collaborative Software Development

Tradesoft colloborates with financial institutions and IT companies in developing industry leading modules and solutions. GTP is used bycompanies in different geographies to create enterprise business solutions. Clients using Tradesoft financial platforms have the ability to develop unique modules or solutions on GTP by themselves or through collaboration with Tradesoft.

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